Meeting with 3 giants of american cinema

First with Martin Scorsese, who invited me to Lyon for his acceptance of the Lumière prize. If you allow me to boast for a moment, you should know that he whispered to me on stage, in front of 2,000 people, that he has watched TS Spivet in 3D three times in his private screening room…


Then, filming an advertisement in Prague with the great Janusz Kaminski, Spielgerg’s head director of photography since Schindler’s List.


Finally, as a jury member of the Marrakech film festival because the president was none other than Francis Ford Coppola… an offer you just cannot refuse…




My favorite movie: Neon Bull by Gabriel Mascaro. A gem of a movie you see once every ten years!


Soon a Caro/Jeunet exhibition?

In any case there is no lack of proposals… So I gathered the countless objects that have appeared throughout our films… Like the poster Caro painted for Delicatessen


The model for the flea in The City


Or the tugboat from the same film…


A model from Alien…


Or the Machine of Perpetual Motion from TS Spivet

machine mouvement

And dozens of others…

The City of Lost Children

cite-blurayTo celebrate the 20th anniversary of The City of Lost Children, the blu-ray version will be released in the USA. The good news is that I will restore it myself, using my own HD component. The bad news is that it will only be available for Zone A, so unreadable in Europe. But Studio Canal has promised to release it for Zone B next year.


Regarding Casanova, Amazon has realized that an audience needs more than one episode to find out whether or not they want to watch an entire series. So to get a better idea they have asked the showrunner, Stuart Zicherman, to write six episodes. In January they will decide to launch the series or not.

New critters…

C’est avec Romain Segaud, auteur des animations de Micmacs, que je vais finalement réaliser un petit court-métrage d’animation les mettant en scène, juste pour le plaisir…

Some news

The ‘Spoke Art Gallery’ in San Francisco recently held an exhibition “Tribute to Caro-Jeunet”… 60 artists created illustrations of our films, particularly Amelie…



As a sort of « hommage », a boy named Alexander Gasula has produced a “fitting tribute”… and it’s really something else!

In the same vein, the Hollywood Reporter held a survey:




Nobody in the French media said anything about it… fed up…

“Amazon studio” produces TV series pilots. If Internet users like the pilots, then they produce a first season.

So, the pilot of Casanova, written by Stuart Zicherman, the showrunner, and produced by Ben Silverman, will air in august. I modestly directed the pilot, shot in Budapest, Venice and Versailles. Diego Luna plays Casanova with a formidable cast of essentially British actors. The director of photography was Pierre Gill, who worked on the second unit team for TS Spivet. Anne Seibel was on set design (she worked on the last three Woody Allen films), Madeline Fontaine on costumes (beautiful) and the rest of my usual team, with the exception of a new team for makeup (Mathilde Humeau) and hair and wigs (Mathieu Gueracaque & Miguel Santos) for this period film, reminiscent of Dangerous Liaisons
















Otherwise, a large international advertising campaign for “Lavazza” coffee, with, as guest star, the formidable Sergio Castellitto… also filmed in Budapest, this time with Thomas Hardmeyer on photography (TS Spivet) and Benoît Barouh on set design.


The future…

news demain

Maybe a mini series of my movie memories, everything funny and weird… I’ve already collected 600. For TV or Internet?

One or two scripts in the making… and other critters in perspective!

And now…

Casanova. The rules of the game are fundamentally different. Preparation takes about ten weeks instead of the 8 months for a feature film, and it’s filmed in twenty days instead of twenty… weeks. In short an interesting challenge; scary and exciting.

I’ve always wanted to make something erotic… well, here I go!