Alien: resurrection

Impregnated by an extra terrestrial, officer Helen Ripley commits suicide in order to destroy the fetus. Two hundred years later, the nightmare begins again; a group of geneticists bring the young woman back to life by crossing her DNA with that of an alien…

Aboard the Auriga Station, Ripley gives birth to a “son”, which is immediately taken from her, and finds herself prisoner on a vast spatial laboratory, run by the megalomaniac General Perez, and two scientists, Wren and Gediman. Left to her own devices, and considered as little more than a scientific experiment, Officer Ripley attempts to reconnect with her long ago human past and take stock of the physical and mental power that her dual genetic heritage has given her.

Several days after Ripley’s “birth” the Auriga is joined by Betty, a space pirate bringing bounty to Perez that will enrich his Alien menagerie, and Ripley discovers, in the midst of Betty’s team of thugs and mercenaries, a beautiful woman named Call, with whom she quickly makes friends.

Ripley Sigourney Weaver
Call Winona Ryder
Vriess Dominique Pinon
Johner Ron Perlman
Christie Gary Dourdan
Elgyn Michael Wincott
Hillard Kim Flowers
General Perez Dan Hedaya
Doctor Wren J. E. Freeman
Gediman Brad Dourif
Distephano Raymond Cruz
Purvis Leland Orser
The anesthetist Carolyn Campbell
The scientist Marlene Bush
The surgeon David St James
The soldier with a glove Rodney Mitchell
The soldier killed through his helmet Robert Faltisco
The frozen soldier David Rowe
The soldiers Garrett House
Rod Damer
Mark Mansfield
Daniel Raymont
Chip Nuzzo
Voice of ‘Father’ Steven Gilborn
The sleepers Robert Bastens
Rico Bueno
Alex Lorre
Ron Ramessar
Young Ripley Nicole Fellows
The Alien chief Tom Woodruff, Jr
Voice of ‘Newborn’ John LaBarbara
Archie Hahn

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Screenplay Joss Whedon
Producers Bill Badalato
Gordon Carroll
David Giler et Walter Hill
Director of photography Darius Khondji, A.F.C.
Set design Nigel Phelps
Editor Hervé Schneid, A.C.E.
Visual effects supervisors Pitof et Erik Henry
‘Alien’ effects created by Alec Gillis
et Tom Woodruff, Jr
Costume design Bob Ringwood
Music John Frizzell
Casting Rick Pagano, C.S.A.
Line producer Bill Badalato
First assistant directors Michel Cheyko
Mark Oppenheimer
Second assistant director Nancy King
Visual effects producer Susan Zwerman
Head stuntman Ernie Orsatti
Stuntmen Lesley Aletter, Todd Bryant
Mark Chadwick, Eddie Conna
Joni Davis, Mark DeAlessandro
Christina Fetters, Randall Huber
Brad Martin, David Brian Martin
Nigel P. Miguel, Dorenda Moore
Christopher R. O’Hara
Vladimir Orlov, Noon Orsatti
Mary Peters, Tracy Philips
Gregg Sargeant, Keith Shindoll
Tony Snegoff, Chad Stahelski
Jose L. Vasquez
William Washington
Eddie Yansick
Production administrator Bob Johnston
Head artistic director Stephen Cooper
Artistic director Andrew Neskoromny
Director of photography for visual effects Conrad W. Hall
Director of photography for miniatures Big Harry
et Little Mary Fichter
Sub-aquatic shots Pete Romano
Additional cameraman/Steadicam David Emmerichs
Set decorator John M. Dwyer
Head props woman Emily Ferry
Miss Weaver’s Makeup Linda DeVetta
Miss Ryder’s Makeup Naomi Donne
Hair Alan Dangerio
Head wardrobe assistant David Rawley
Head gaffer Christopher C. Strong
Head stagehand C. Alan Rawlins
Special effects supervisor Bruce Devan
Special effects coordinator Eric Allard
Sound engineer Richard Bryce Goodman, C.A.S.
Head builder Gary A. Krakoff
Additional cameraman Phil Carr-Forster
Assistant art director Bill Boes
Illustrator Jim Martin
Storyboard Adolfo Martinez Perez
Andy Friend
Alien atmosphere Jonathan Leahey
Concept artist Sylvain Despretz
Head makeup artist Barry R. Koper
Head hairstylist Jasen Joseph Sica
Script Shannon E. Kenny