Amelie isn’t like other girls.  She watched her goldfish disappear in a municipal swimming pool right before her very eyes, her mother died in Notre Dame Square, and her father dotes on a garden gnome. Amelie has grown up and is a waitress in an ex-equestrian dancer’s Montmartre bar. Her life is simple; she likes to break the sugar crust of her crème brulee, skip stones on the Seine, watch people and let her imagination wander. At twenty-two, with a dramatic turn of events, Amelie discovers a purpose: to fix other peoples’ lives. And so she invents all sorts of ways to intervene unseen into the lives of several of the people around her. Among them are a building superintendent who spends her days drinking port with her stuffed dog, Georgette the hypochondriac tobacconist and the ‘glass man’, her neighbor who lives vicariously through a Renoir reproduction.

Amelie’s mission is abruptly interrupted when she meets Nino Quincampoix, an unusual and off-beat young man. Working part time at a ghost train amusement ride and a sex shop, Nino collects photos that have been abandoned at photobooths. His desperate search to find a stranger whose photo reappears incessantly is suddenly interrupted by his meeting with Amelie.

Amelie is fascinated by Nino, but she prefers to play hide and seek with him, rather than let herself be known. After several tries, she gives up, but fortunately the ‘glass man’, an expert in introversion, gives her a taste of her own medicine by pushing her into the arms of Nino.

Amelie Audrey Tautou
Nino Quincampoix Mathieu Kassovitz
Raphaël Poulain, Amelie’s father Rufus
Madeleine Wallace, the superintendent Yolande Moreau
Hipolito, the writer Artus de Penguern
Collignon, the grocer Urbain Cancelier
Joseph Dominique Pinon
Bretodeau, the box man Maurice Benichou
Eva, the stripper Claude Perron
Old Man Collignon Michel Robin
Georgette Isabelle Nanty
Suzanne Claire Maurier
Gina Clotilde Mollet
Dufayel Serge Merlin
Lucien Jamel Debbouze
Amandine Poulain Lorella Cravotta
Philomene Armelle
8 year old Amelie Flora Guiet
Young Nino Amaury Babault
The blind man Jean Darie
The photobooth man Ticky Holgado
The stranger Marc Amyot
The screaming neighbor Dominique Bettenfeld
Eugene Koler Eugène Berthier
Mrs Collignon Andrée Damant
The newsstand woman Franckie Pain
Credits helper Marion Pressburger
The urinal man Charles-Roger Bour
Amandine’s grocer Luc Palun
Woman in a coma Fabienne Chaudat
The customer who humiliates his friend Jacques Viala
The humiliated customer Fabien Behar
The humiliated customer’s son Jonathan Joss
The bum Jean-Pierre Becker
The endive customer Thierry Gibault
His friend François Bercovicile
The vagrant Guillaume Viry
Dominique Bredoteau woman Valérie Zarrouk
Bretodeau child Kevin Fernandes
The dead man’s superintendent Marie-Laure Descouraux
Aunt Josette Sophie Tellier
The teacher Gérald Weingand
The bar owner François Viaur
His employee Paule Dare
The tobacconist customer Myriam Labbe
Café patron Robert Gendreu
Grocer’s client Julianna Kovacs
The train ticket taker Philippe Paimblanc
The twins Mady & Monette Malroux
The laughing woman Valériane de Villeneuve
Samantha Isis Peyrade
Phantom train cashier Raymonde Heudeline
Woman by the merry-go-round Christiane Bopp
Statue man Thierry Arfeuillères
The little boy at the Sacré Cœur Jerry Lucas
The busker Patrick Paroux
The superintendents’ postman François Aubineau
The Poulain’s postman Philippe Beautier
Felix the plant collector Régis Iacono

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Producer Claudie Ossard
1st assistant director Christophe Vassort
Script Anne Wermelinger
Casting director Jacques-Pierre Benichou
Children casting Valérie Espagne
Extras casting director Alberte Garo
Production supervisor  Jean-Marc Deschamps
Production administrator Nicole Heitzmann
Production secretary Marie-Laure Compain
Locations Alain Mougenot
Assistant location managers Nicolas Davy
et Eric Duchêne
Director of photography Bruno Delbonnel
1st assistant camera Matthieu Bastid
Still photographer Bruno Calvo
Sound Jean Umansky
Sound assistant Sophie Chiabaut
Set designer Aline Bonetto
1st assistant set designer Mathieu Junot
1st assistant set designer Delphine Mabed
Costume designer Madeline Fontaine
Costumer Emma Lebail
Wardrobe Nathalie Tissier
Makeup John Nollet
Hair Véronique Boitout
Head hairstylist Bruno Dubet
Head stagehand Jim Howe
Head electricians Michel Sabourdy
et Lionel Kopp
Director of post-production Hervé Schneid A.C.E.
Editor Céline Kelepikis
Sound editor Gérard Hardy
Assistant sound editor Marilena Cavola Hardy
Sound effects Laurent Kossayan
Mixer Vincent Arnardi C.A.S.
Sound effects engineer Jean-Pierre Lelong
Assistant sound effects engineer Mario Melchiorri
Visual effects manager Alain Carsoux / Duboi
Special effects Yves Demenjoud / Les Versaillais
Matte painting Michael Sowa
Digital calibration Jean-Marie Vives
35 mm calibration Didier Lefouest
et Yvan Lucas