A mine that explodes in the middle of the Moroccan dessert and, years later, a bullet lodged in his brain…Bazil isn’t very lucky with weapons. The first left him an orphan, the second may kill him at any minute.

On leaving the hospital Bazil finds himself homeless. Fortunately, this mild-mannered dreamer, overflowing with ideas, is welcomed in to a veritable Ali Baba’s cavern by a band of colorful rag-and-bone men of diverse and unexpected talents: Remington (Omar Sy), Calculator (Marie-Julie Baup), Buster (Dominique Pinon), Slammer (Jean-Pierre Marielle), Elastic Girl (Julie Ferrier), Tiny Pete (Michel Cremades) and Mama Chow (Yolande Moreau).

One day, while passing by two imposing buildings, Bazil recognizes the initials of the two weapons manufacturers (André Dussollier and Nicolas Marie) who have caused his troubles. Helped by his band of oddballs, he decides to take revenge. Alone against the world, clever little men against cynical big business, the rag and bone men reenact, with an imagination and whimsy worthy of Bibi Fricotin and Buster Keaton, the struggle of David and Goliath…

Bazil Dany Boon
Nicolas Thibault de Fenouillet André Dussollier
François Marconi Nicolas Marié
Slammer Jean-Pierre Marielle
Elastic girl Julie Ferrier
Remington Omar Sy
Buster Dominique Pinon
Mama Chow Yolande Moreau
Tiny Pete Michel Cremades
Calculator Marie-Julie Baup
Gerbaud Patrick Paroux
Matéo Stéphane Butet
Gravier Philippe Girard
Libarski Jean-Pierre Becker
Georges Eric Naggar
Night watchman Urbain Cancelier
Head of the rebels Doudou Masta
The soup kitchen volunteer Emy Levy
Marconi’s driver Eric Naggar
Serge from the video store Arsène Mosca
Lola Maon le Moal
Mrs Cissé Félicité N’Gijol
Her husband Bernard Bastereaud
The horny technician Tony Gaultier
His partner Stéphanie Gesnel
Young Bazil  Noé Boon
The surgeon Pascal Parsat
His assistant Cendrine Orcier
The stripper Rachel Berger
Her partner Dominique Bettenfeld
The tourist guide Gérald Weingand
Robert de Niro Yamin Dib
The Bazil’s superintendent Domitille Bioret
The metro singer Juliette Armanet
The threatening Arab Youssef Hajdi
The magnetic superintendent Myriam Roustan
Her husband Joseph Hernandez
The De Fenouillet’s superintendent Elisabeth Callejon
The embarrassed technician Louis Marie Audubert
Bazil’s mother Lara Guirao
Marconi’s son Florian Goutieras
The child Gabriel Hallali
Mrs De Fenouillet Christine Kay
The Train Bleu hostess Alix Poisson
The old woman in bed Thérèse Roussel
Her husband Michel Francini
De Fenouillet’s driver Arnaud Maillard
A rebel Marc Stussy
The other rebel Laurent Mendy
Max the scrap metal merchant Alain Raymond
The devil Philippe Pillavoine
Bazil’s father Régis Romelé
Marconi’s nanny Laurentine Milebo
The department store sales girl Juliette Wiatr
The orphan’s sister Pascale Lievyn
The dealer Cid Freer
The help desk lady Jocelyn Sand
The woman with the little dog Valérie Moinet
Bazil’s grandmother Juliana Kovacs
The officer Guy Lamure

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Screenplay Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Guillaume Laurant
Director of photography Tetsuo Nagata
1st assistant director Thierry Mauvoisin
2nd assistant directors Mathieu Hiltzer
Armel Gourvennec
3rd assistant director Marie Legendre
Director’s personal assistant Marjorie Orth
Editor Hervé Schneid
Set design Aline Bonetto
Script Anne Wermelinger
Script assistant Louise Arhex
Production manager Jean-Marc Deschamps
Set photographer Bruno Calvo
‘Making of’ director Julien Lecat
Location Aude Lemercier
Sophie Martin
Storyboard Maxime Rebiere
Casting director Pierre-Jacques Benichou
Assistant Marc Robert
Children casting/shadows Valérie Espagne
Camille Brunat
Extras casting Marie-Sylvie Caillierez
Lotfi Mokdad
Yann The Boucher
Ange Amiel
Catherine D’At
Wilfried Vial
Researcher Phil Casoar
Steadicam operator / cameraman Jan Rubens
1st assistant camera Christian Abomnes
2e assistant camera Grégoire Thevenot
Video operator & pre-editing Emile Henny
Assistant camera Sylvain Rodriguez
Technocrane camera Paulo Rodrigues
Digital calibration Didier Lefouest
Sound Jean Umansky
Sound assistant Sophie Chiabaut
Josselin Panchout
Costume designer Madeline Fontaine
Assistants Marie Bramsen
Marie Fremont
Head of wardrobe Pascale Paume
Loïc Barnier
Wardrobe Véronique Elise
Design studio Justine Vivien
Head of makeup Nathalie Tissier
Special effects makeup Jean-Christophe Spadaccini
Denis Gastou
Franck Gauthier
Sébastien Imart
David Luce
Hair Stéphane Malheu
Set special effects Les Versaillais
Digital visual effects Duran Duboi
Visual effects director Alain Carsoux
Visual effects supervisor Stéphane Dittoo Mamode
Credits Batmanu
Original soundtrack Raphaël Beau