The City of Lost Children

Lost in the fog on an offshore platform, just past a watery mine field, the unhappy Krank is aging prematurely because he lacks one essential dimension: the ability to dream. So he kidnaps children from the nearby port city in order to steal their dreams…

One Ron Perlman
Krank Daniel Emilfork
Miette Judith Vittet
The deep-sea diver/The clones Dominique Pinon
Marcello the flea-tamer Jean-Claude Dreyfus
The octopus Geneviève Brunet
and Odile Mallet
Miss Bismuth Mireille Mossé
Cyclops leader Serge Merlin
The killer François Hadji-Lazaro
The peeler Rufus
The ex-acrobat Ticky Holgado
Irvin’s voice Jean-Louis Trintignant
Bogdan Dominique Bettenfeld
Melchior Lotfi Yahyajedidi
Brutus Thierry Gibault
Brother Ange-Joseph Marc Caro
Lune Mapi Galan
Bottle Briac Barthelemy
Tadpole Alexis Pivot
Jeannot Leo Rubion
Pipo Pierre Quentin-Faesch
Denree Joseph Lucien
First child Guillaume Billod-Morel
The tattoo artist Ham-Chau Luong
The tattoo artist’s wife Hong-Mai Thomas
A Cyclops Daniel Adric
The barmaid Frankie Pain
The Spaniard Enrique Villanueva
Father Christmas Chris Huerta

Artistic director Marc Caro
Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Producer Claudie Ossard
Set design Jean Rabasse
Assistant set designer Aline Bonetto
Costumes Jean-Paul Gaultier
Director of photography Darius Khondji (A.F.C.)
Screenplay Gilles Adrien
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Marc Caro
Dialogue Gilles Adrien
1st assistant director Jean-Marc Tostivint
Special effects Yves Domenjoud
Jean-Baptiste Bonetto
Olivier Gleyze
Jean-Christophe Spadaccini
Makeup Nathalie Tissier
Hair John Nollet
Digital special effects Pitof / Duboi
Computerized images Pierre Buffin / Buf Cie
Sound Pierre Excoffier
Gérard Hardy
Editor Hervé Schneid
Mixer Vincent Arnardi
Thierry Lebon
Line producer Daniel Szuster
Production administrator Arlette Mas
Casting director Pierre-Jacques Benichou
Still photographer Eric Caro
Original soundtrack Angelo Badalamenti