“Les Cinémas de Caro/Jeunet”

A book about our work together, Caro and I, and our personal movies, has been published by Cernunnos/Dargaud… A sort of extension of the Halle St Pierre exhibit, with photos, drawings and other unpublished documents, including long interviews by Laurent Djan and prefaces by Claudie Ossard and Dominique Pinon.

One Reply to ““Les Cinémas de Caro/Jeunet””

  1. MichelleST dit :

    An excellent snapshot of Caro and Jeunet’s collaborations. Honest answers to questions on their passions and interests as directors and DIYers. I couldn’t write my book on the duo without this rich archive. This was the best trans-Atlantic birthday gift for my 50th bday!

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