Tribute to the Los Angeles Cinematheque

Amelie was shown to a packed house of 600 spectators, followed by a heated question and answer session… A very “Amelian” fan: 🤣

At the screening, in a dark corridor, I had the misfortune of doing an interview for a small Mexican site. I said, “It would be difficult to film Amélie in Paris today, because the city is disfigured by so much construction work. Few of the places filmed in Amélie would be usable today”… What was I thinking? Our Holy Mayor shouted with terror. “Not at all, there are plenty of films being shot in Paris every day.” … Of course one can always find a free street, even if it is ugly.

Then a screening of Delicatessen, and The City of Lost Children, in the presence of Pitof, who was responsible for the digital effects, which were revolutionary at the time, and Ron Perlman, in the role of One …

Another screening, that of Alien Resurrection, at the USC School of Cinematic Arts… where a fantastic exhibition was held for the 40-year anniversary of Alien. Screening in 35mm, in the presence of (from left to right), Matthiew Gratzner, responsible for the models (it was before digital), Pitof again, who in addition to the special effects led the second team, Mézigue, Alec Gillis, who, with Tom Woodruff, made the Aliens, the eggs, the facehugger etc… Ian Hunter, another “modelmaker” (an endangered profession), Raymond Cruz, who played Di Stephano, and John Frizzell the musician… In short the AAA… (The Ancient Alien Association)…

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  1. Matt Jones dit :

    I was at the screenings of Delicatessen, Cité & Alien- a cinematic highlight of the year! Thanks for bringing your own film-prints, they looked incredible

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