Caro/Jeunet exhibit

As announced, there will be a Caro/Jeunet exhibit at the Halle St Pierre in Montmartre, beginning on September 7. Often cinema exhibits focus mainly on writing. But ours will be entirely visual, including all the emblematic items from our films, costumes, storyboards, research drawings, models, photos from the shooting, etc…

The Halle Saint Pierre was an obvious choice. An unpretentious museum of popular art, located just a few meters from where Nino Quincampoix chased Amélie in the gardens of the Sacré Cœur…

It was at Halle Saint Pierre that I discovered Jephan de Villiers, Ronan-Jim Sévellec, Charles Matton, Gilbert Peyre, where I admired the works of Giger, spiritual guide of my “Alien”… artists that I collect and who bridge the gap between “Singular” art and our films, which are no less, at least I hope… singular.

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