Did you see that S car go?

My short film, which I co-wrote with Roman Segaud, (who single-handedly animated my creatures which were inspired by the artist Jephan de Villiers, who I admire and have been collecting from for a long time (http://Jephan-de-villiers.com), currently on display at the Galerie Grand Rue in Poitiers until the 5th of november) is finally finished. The first screening took place at the Halle Garnier, for the opening of “Lumière 2016”, in front of 4,500 viewers! Julien Lecat, director of all of my “Making ofs” since A Very Long Engagement, recorded the 35 actors and did the editing. Based on the poem Song of Snails Going to a Funeral by Jacques Prévert.

Romain Segaud et Jean-Pierre Jeunet (photo Julien Roche).

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