April 2014. French Film Festival in Brazil

Nice little festival. Spivet had the second best score after Guillaume Galienne’s film. A visit to the Maracana with Jalil Lespert and Philippe Claudel.

news bresil-1

In Sao Paulo I saw the actress who played Amelie as a child. She is 19 years old now…

news bresil-2

Une fille tatouée “Amélie” me fait dédicacer son bras. Le soir même, elle se fait tatouer ma signature… Ça fait un peu peur…

new bresil 3

Lunch atop a “pacified” Favella. The bikes have a sort of radio antenna on the front fender. I’m told that since it is more difficult to obtain weapons now, people kill their enemies by stringing a rope across the road. So the antenna brings down the bike, which is, of course, better than being beheaded…

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